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Fiber Coupled Bulk Crystal Module

Utilising our extensive range of bulk MgO:PPLN crystals we can provide customisable solutions with fiber coupling (input and output) for non-linear wavelength conversion; designed for OEMs and researchers who need maximum output power with high efficiency.

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Key features of Fiber Coupled Bulk Crystal Module

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  • Fully customisable compact solution
  • Fiber or free-space input & output coupling
  • Easy to use and providing robust optical alignment
  • Single-pass, high efficiency design
  • Designed for OEM integration through to R&D use
  • Wide range of crystal availability from stock to custom designs covering blue to infrared wavelength generation
  • Solutions available for SHG, SFG, DFG, OPA, SPDC,…
  • Compatible with CW and pulsed operation
  • Options for power monitoring, control and output filtering
  • Integrated TEC and resistive heater options
  • Compatible with Covesion temperature controller

Custom PPLN

We offer a range of custom design packages including one-off crystals, OEM prototyping and large-volume manufacture.

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A Complete Solution

Discover our range of PPLN accessories, allowing for easy integration of our crystals into your optical arrangement.

PPLN Accessories

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