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MgO:PPLN for

1020nm SHG

Part No.Pump (nm)Output (nm)Periods (µm)Tuning range (°C)Aperture (mm²)Nonlinear interactionAdd to Quote
MSHG1020-1.0-11006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
MSHG1020-1.0-31006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
MSHG1020-1.0-51006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
MSHG1020-1.0-101006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
MSHG1020-1.0-201006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
MSHG1020-1.0-401006-1036503-5185.84, 5.98, 6.0830-2001×1SHG
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How our SHG Crystals work

This product is available in one aperture size: 1.0mm.

Read the Covesion guide to PPLN

Phase matching curve for MSHG1020-1.0-XX

Please note these are calculated tuning curves only and actual values may vary. MgO:PPLN for 1020nm SHG Tuning

Key Features

Magnesium doped PPLN for Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) of visible blue/green light from a laser source around 1020nm wavelength.

All of our crystals are supplied clip-mounted, ready for use in our ovens and controller.

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  • Multi-band AR coated
  • Flatness <λ/4@633nm
  • Parallel to ±5 minutes
  • Better than 70:30 mark-to-space ratio
  • Polished to 20-10 scratch dig
  • Fewer than two 100μm edge chips per facet

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