Packaged PPLN Waveguide

How our Packaged PPLN Waveguide works

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Key Features

The addition of MgO:PPLN waveguides to the Covesion product range allows end users to exploit greater conversion efficiencies and save on unnecessary pump sources within their applications.

The new Covesion Waveguide product range includes:

  • Standalone Waveguide Chips
  • Ruggedized Waveguide Package with APC fiber connectors
  • Component Waveguide. Fiber input with optional fiber or free space output.


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  • 5% MgO doped LN based material.
  • A zinc indiffused planar layer
  • Diced ridge structure
  • Chip conversion efficiency 57%, 2.5W @780nm
  • APC connectors
  • Integrated heater unit for thermal tuning

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We have more than 20 years’ experience in the research, development and manufacture of commercial PPLN solutions.

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