MgO:PPLN is ideal for cutting-edge laser applications due to its high effective nonlinear coefficient; allowing for high efficiency frequency conversion across multiple different mechanisms. MgO:PPLN supports a wide range of applications including: frequency doubling of CW & femtosecond lasers; mid-infrared generation; atom cooling; terahertz generation and biomedical imaging.

The addition of MgO:PPLN waveguides to the Covesion product range allows our customers to exploit greater conversion efficiencies and save on unnecessary pump sources within their applications.

With over 20 years’ experience and technical knowledge, the team of engineers at Covesion are perfectly placed to provide you with the support you need for designing a system to generate visible and IR light. Covesion offers advice on all aspects of PPLN technology, from crystal length to optical mounting, aiming to deliver the ideal MgO:PPLN system for your application.

Covesion’s promise:

  • Technical support to assist in selecting the right product for your application
  • A broad range of stock items, with guaranteed delivery within 7 days
  • Our ongoing product quality commitment
  • Continued research and development in the field of MgO: PPLN technology
  • Expert post-sales support

Whether it is a single crystal or ongoing supply contract you require, Covesion are the ideal partner for your frequency conversion requirements.

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