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The Mid-IR Upconversion Single-photon detection project (MIRUS)

Covesion are the lead organisation on an Innovate UK-funded development, the Mid-IR Upconversion Single-photon detection (MIRUS) project.

Working in collaboration with Fraunhofer UK and BAE Systems the MIRUS project partners are developing a mid-infrared single-photon detection system using a novel upconversion scheme. This single-photon detector will make use of Covesion’s PPLN waveguide technology and will offer the ability to detect single photons in the 3-5um spectral region.

The ability to generate and detect single photons is a critical and enabling aspect of quantum technology, making it possible to encode and transmit quantum secure information, create lidar systems that can see around corners, and quantum imaging systems for enhanced situational awareness in the most obscured environments.

The project will develop and deliver a highly innovative mid-infrared single-photon detector demonstrator. This demonstrator system will enable new types of lidar, imaging, and secure communication whilst retaining the low-cost, robustness, and high timing resolutions of single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs). This work builds upon proof-of-principle published work where the steps include:

The ability to maximise detection efficiency in the mid-infrared based on the novel waveguide architecture proposed by Covesion.

Development of a high TRL portable demonstrator utilising a compact pump laser and optical mounting solutions.

The first demonstration of a novel form of mid-infrared lidar and communications using this detector system and assessment of the commercial potential of this technology.

MIRUS is an 18-month project, beginning in April 2020.