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At Covesion, we strive to generate superior value and service for our clients.

Covesion will always strive to improve, we will continually assess our performance to adapt and improve our products and services.  Whether it is the range of products available, our service, our technology or our relationships, improvement is at the heart of our organisation and we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times. We will invest in our technology to develop new solutions focussed on creating ground-breaking products for our customers and partners.

We will conduct all of our activities for the benefit of the customer first, with the highest standards of ethics and integrity which you would expect.

Our reach is truly global and the support we give reflects this so whether you are in Beijing or Berlin, Montana or Mumbai we are here to help.

This commitment sets us apart from other organisations.

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MgO:PPLN is ideal for cutting-edge laser applications due to its high effective nonlinear coefficient; allowing for high efficiency frequency conversion across multiple different mechanisms.

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Covesion have more than 20 years experience in the research, development and manufacture of commercial PPLN solutions.

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Our technical team is always available to help with any enquiries you may have.

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